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HIV/AIDS and Bloodborne Pathogens


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                            Bloodborne Pathogens with HIV/AIDS - 4 hours $35

                            HIV/AIDS Awareness Course Online - 2 hours $25

                            Bloodborne Pathogens Course Online - 2 hours $25


These courses earn CEU's and can be be applied toward the CDA Credential or CDA Renewal.



HIV/AIDS Awareness (.2 CEU/2 Hours) - Online Course


Course Description:

Enroll in Washington STARSThis course describes historical background and general statistics of HIV/AIDS. It describes HIV/AIDS methods of transmission, symptoms, and treatment options. Techniques for prevention and legal issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS are also identified.

Duration: 2 hours

WAC 170-295-1110 - Washington Regulations

Who must have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and bloodborne pathogen training?

  • Every employee who is included in the staff to child ratio must have written proof of HIV/AIDS and blood-borne pathogen training that includes prevention, transmission, treatment and confidentiality issues.



Bloodborne Pathogens (.2 CEU/2 Hours) - Online Course


Course Description:

Enroll in Washington STARSThis course describes bloodborne pathogens and defines associated terminology. It also discusses signs, symptoms, and treatments of the most commonly encountered bloodborne diseases, their methods of transmission, ways to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and beneficial actions following any incidental exposure.

Duration: 2 hours

  • You must comply with applicable Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA)/labor and industries safety and health regulations under chapter 296-823 WAC that apply to you. Labor and Industries requires that all staff of child care programs complete the Bloodborne Pathogens course EVERY YEAR.


We offer much more than just the HIV/AIDS and Bloodborne Pathogens!


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